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About us

Bendo was placed on the market as an innovation in the year 2008. Since that time more than 1.000.000 running meters have been installed and brought into service. Bendo sets high global standards for its product and for the education of its installation team. Various studies, product improvements as well as high quality requirements led to the present high standard of security. Due to this Bendo gives a guarantee of 20 years for the heating tapes.


Prior to the establishment of Bendo the founders analysed the needs and heating performance of consumers. The changed types of building constructions, high demands on domestic culture and convenience, the sustainability in terms of resource usage and fossil fuels, hygienic factors, health aspects, and efficiency play an important role.



The aim of Bendo is and will also be in the future to provide all customers the highest product quality and affordable living comfort at the same time.

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